Start Dates and Study Periods

Start & Orientation Dates

  2021 2022 2023
Course Commencing Applications Close Orientation Dates Applications Close Orientation Dates Applications Close Orientation Dates
February 17th Jan 3-4 Feb 25th Jan 2-3 Feb 25th Jan 1-2 Feb
March 17th Feb 24-25 Feb 16th Feb 23-24 Feb 15th Feb 22-23 Feb
April 24th Mar 31 Mar-1 Apr 23rd Mar 30-31 Mar 22nd Mar 29-30 Mar
May 21st Apr 28-29 Apr 20th Apr 27-28 Apr 19th Apr 26-27 Apr
June 19th May 26-27 May 18th May 25-26 May 17th May 24-25 May
July 16th Jun 23-24 June 22nd Jun 29-30 Jun 21st Jun 28-29 Jun
August 21st Jul 28-29 Jul 20th Jul 27-28 Jul 19th Jul 26-27 Jul
September 18th Aug 25-26 Aug 17th Aug 24-25 Aug 23rd Aug 30-31 Aug
October 8th Sep 15-16 Sep 14th Sep 21-22 Sep 13th Sep 20-21 Sep
November 20th Oct 27-28 Oct 19th Oct 26-27 Oct 18th Oct 25-26 Oct
December 17th Nov 24-25 Nov 16th Nov 23-24 Nov 22nd Nov 29-30 Nov


Study Periods

SGSCC International operates its class schedules and timetables around 4 Study periods per year. A study period is defined by the NSW School term calendar  

International Students are required to maintain attendance and satisfactory course progress during each school term as part of their VISA.

Study Period 2021 2022 2023
Study Period 1      
Autumn Break      
Study Period 2      
Winter Break      
Study Period 3      
Spring Break      
Study Period 4      
Summer Break      










College Hours

SGSCC International is open between 8.30am and 6.00pm