Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone As An International Student

10 May 2016
SGSCC International Students

Foreign shores beckon the international students with limitless opportunities, and correspondingly, students too are enchanted by the brighter prospects abroad. However, it becomes really necessary to get out of one’s comfort zone if one really wants to ensure that they utilise their potential to the fullest while studying abroad. There are a number of things which can act as obstacle for the students who are unwilling to get out of their comfort zone. So, one must be prepared to overcome such limitations by understanding their strengths and weaknesses and doing their bit in order to come up with the best results. So, certain basic things that could facilitate the students in performing in a better way include:

  • Willingness to Adapt to the Foreign Culture: Quite often it is seen that the students who move out to study don’t actually assimilate with the foreigners and they are quite happy and comfortable with the students from their own countries. This limits their chances of interacting with the native people. All this puts a limit on their performance since they are unable to study or work effectively. This is because one can never deny the fact that ultimately one has to adapt to the foreign culture and learn their language, mannerism, etc. So, it is much better to get involved with the natives as well and interact with them in order to learn about their history, culture, etc. All this will facilitate in quick assimilation of the immigrants with the natives.
  • Willingness to do any job: Well, once one lands in a foreign country everything is completely new then. So, one needs to act in accordance with the acceptable norms of the society. For instance, there is a common saying, “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. So, this saying is completely applicable when it comes to finding work. In this case, one should be willing to do any job. This is because one may not be able to find the job that they like straightaway as one needs to complete their studies first. However, one is definitely required to pay their bills, and for that, one has to work and do any job that is available.
  • Willingness to Adopt New Ways

One should always keep in mind that the purpose of studying abroad was to broaden one’s horizon and embark upon a progressive journey, so new, positive and progressive customs should be embraced.

  • Avoiding The Stereotypical Myths Or Pre-Conceived Notions: Quite often it is   seen that the people spend their entire lives with the same thoughts and ideas about different people around them without actually dealing with the people. This limits their growth since they are so unwilling to come out of their comfort zone and try and interact with other people. So, such myths and notions should be shunned and one should be completely unbiased in order to reap maximum benefits of studying abroad and interacting with people from various nationalities. 
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