SGSCC Gets Behind Jack Berne and Australian Farmers.

22 August 2018
Fiver for a Farmer

Have you heard of a young 10-year-old boy named Jack Berne from the North Shore of Sydney who has taken it upon himself to make a difference in the lives of farmers who have been caught up in what has been named the worst drought since the 1960’s.

The state of NSW was declared in drought on Wednesday the 8th of August with 23 per cent of NSW facing severe drought conditions and more than 77 per cent in drought after June and July had less rain than expected.

Jack and his year 4 school friends from St John the Baptist Primary School at Freshwater, came up with the idea of “Fiver for a Farmer” where they would dress up as farmers for a day and bring in $5 to go towards the farmers.

Jack Said - “We believe in community, we believe in having each other’s back, and we believe in the Aussie spirit. We believe that together, we can make a huge difference to support the Farmers.”

Jack has also set up a Go Fund Me Page encouraging other schools, colleges and business to host there own Fiver for a Farmer event.  

St George and Sutherland Community College was looking for a way to give to the farmers when two of our staff members Mikaela and Kailani from the WorkSkills came across the story of a young Jack and his quest to support our farmers.

“As a community within a community, we knew we had to help Jack in his cause to raise money for the farmers and get on board as a Community College” – Kailani

“All it takes is an idea to make a difference in the lives of others that snowballs into a movement, and that’s what Jack has done with Fiver for a Farmer” – Mikaela

On the 21st August 2018 we held our own “SGSCC Fiver for a Farmer Day” With over 150 Students, Trainers, Clients, Support Workers and Staff come together to Support this great cause; all dressed as farmers. 

The event was a huge success with over $1600 collected and smaller events planned to happen over the next few weeks to capture all students and staff across all sites. SGSCC DisAbility clients and support workers also chose to donate the proceeds of the market stall to the cause.

SGSCC would like to thank Jack for this great idea; we had a great day and lots of fun at our college because of his passion.

A Huge Thank you to Kailani and Mikaela for organising this event and bringing the SGSCC community together. 

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