SGSCC Lions Club Branch

10 November 2015

This year the theme of SGSCC International has been “A place to belong, we care”.

Throughout the year we have sort out opportunities where we as a students and staff can show that we care and that we belong to the wider community. We have done this through various opportunities to give back to local community and projects that all have been involved.

As our sense of community encompasses all that we do at SGSCC International it was important that we find an organisation that we and the students could belong too, however It was equally as important that we found an organisation that students could belong to long after they left SGSCC International and with that in mind we went out on the search.

After looking at various organisations and structures SGSCC International met with Lions from Lions International to discuss how we too could be part of the work of Lions International.

After many months of discussions, meeting with Lions and also with students on the 9th of November 2015 the SGSCC Lions Club Branch was formed with the induction of 6 new Lions to Lions International.

This was a great meeting that saw students and trainers unite to serve the community and those in need through Lions International. The event was attended by Lions throughout NSW offering their support to the success of the club branch.

Being part of Lions International gives students who join the Club Branch the opportunity to connect with 1000’s of Clubs around the world and Millions of people who are Lions around the world while supporting and helping those in need, going hand in hand with the theme of SGSCC International for 2015 “A Place to Belong, We Care”.

As we embark this journey we will keep you regularly updated on the projects of the SGSCC Lions International Club Branch.

Written by Stephen Licciardello, SGSCC International Manager 

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