Why 'Course Hopping' can affect your student VISA…

18 August 2016
Course Hopping

If you’re an international student in Australia, I am sure you have met another international student that has come to Australia with one course or institute and then left that course or institute to study somewhere else that may be cheaper.  We usually identify this as “Course Hopping”.

As someone who has worked with international for over 10 years now, you should be aware that thousands of students VISA’s are now being cancelled each year due to this practice amongst international students, as it’s a clear breach of your student VISA and seen as not your original pathway for pursuing studies in Australia.

Many students who course hop, see education as an entry into Australia and then change their plans once they arrive here, jeopardising their VISAS. You may be asking why is that? When a student applies for a student visa they agree that the course they have chosen is related to the field of studies they have completed in their home country and that the student has the ability to support them and pay for the courses they have enrolled in.

When students begin to course hop it sends a message that the student may have provided wrong or misleading information during their application.

With the new SSVP, colleges are now less likely to accept students who may be course hopping as this could now affect the rating of the college and put the college at risk.

One advice that I always offer students is to do their homework and not listen to everything that everyone says, people may have well intentions when giving advice and it may be detriment to your remaining in Australia. Always make an informed choice when thinking to course hop and speak to someone who knows the requirements around your visa condition.

However the best advice I can give is not to course hop and to tell your friends the same as it could have a negative result on their future studies in Australia.

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