Is your dream bigger than your problems?

24 November 2015

How many times have we been inspired to set a goal as an International Student, and then once we have taken the first steps, find that problems arise to discourage us from our goal, and we start looking for ways to back out, looking for people or things to blame for our lack of commitment to that goal?

It is only because we believe that things, people or situations are there to make us happy! When in fact, happiness is a choice we make, not something that just happens to us.

When our goals are bigger and more meaningful to us than any problem that can arise, it is then our determination to see the goal through to the end that will help us to find a purpose and purpose generates feelings of self-worth, which in turn generates feelings of real happiness.

Sometimes we need to re-evaluate those goals now and then to see if we are on track and if we need to change direction.

If your problems seem bigger than your goals, just stop, think and analyse why you made the goal to begin with, has anything changed? Ask yourself honestly if you have done all that you can possibly do to achieve that goal.

Have you given 100% commitment and effort towards doing what it takes to achieve that goal?

If not, that’s fine, just find out what you need to do to increase your effort, increase the feelings around the achievement of the goal, and visualise yourself having come through the other side victoriously.

As an International Student it can sometimes be overbearing when you consider all that is involves as you juggle studies, work and recreation. However remember your reason why, allowing it to motivate you as you keep the end in mind.

Just know that you alone are responsible for achieving or not achieving the goal that you set yourself.

And Remember one thing - YOU hold the KEY to your OWN SUCCESS!

Written By Sharlene Best, SGSCC International Student Support

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