Our Staff

Our Staff & Trainers

SGSCC International has a team who work together to ensure the delivery of top quality service to our International Students. We have a team of managers, administrators, pastoral care and trainers to assure a holistic student experience.

SGSCC International Manager Stephen Licciardello

Manager - Vocational Education/International

SGSCC International Student & Business Administrator Natalia Bezuglova

Assistant Manager  

Natalia is responsible for student applications, creation of Confirmation of Enrolment and liaising between students and Agents.

SGSCC International Student Support Officer Sharlene Best

International Student Support Officer 

Sharlene is responsible for the welfare and pastoral care of the international students.

Daniela Halaby

Community Services Trainer

"I’m passionate about educating my students in servicing the community by empowering unity and strength."

Emily Messieh

Community Services Trainer

"Teaching in community services, I have an immediate and profound impact on the welfare of vulnerable people."

Huda Saleh

Health Services Trainer

"I am very passionate about nursing. My aim is to keep our communities safe & produce nurses that are both competent & compassionate."

Irene Henderson

Community Sector Management & Community Services Trainer

"Every day is different and it is never dull!"

Jenny Solo

Individual Support & Community Services Trainer

"I love that I am surrounded by strong individuals that push me to level up!"


Human Resources & Business Trainer

"Enabling, encouraging and empowering our students to know that they have worth, strength and purpose."

Mary-Ann Rizzo

Early Childhood Education and Care Trainer

"SGSCC has a great sense of community and belonging."